Diverse environmental and engineering teams were assembled to identify the concerns and possible solutions for the Bayou Meto area.      
 The participants were:

  • Bayou Meto Water Management District 
  • U. S. Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Ducks Unlimited 
  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  • Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
  • Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
  • Arkansas Department of 
          Environmental Quality
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Sponsors of the Bayou Meto Water Management Project are Bayou Meto Water Management District, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

The goal was to develop an implementable, comprehensive improvement plan to meet the varied interests and objectives of flood control, groundwater protection and conservation, agricultural water supply, waterfowl management and environmental enhancement.
* University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
* Audubon Society
 University of Arkansas Pine Bluff provides on-farm practices.
  * Audubon Society gives perspectives